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For those who move house a lot, having free standing kitchen cabinets might be the way out they have for their kitchen furniture problem. Instead of having installed cabinets which could not be moved easily from the wall, the free standing cabinets can be easily transported to one house to another if the circumstances need them to. However, what often comes as a problem is that the cabinets tend to stand less firmly than the installed cabinets. Though they do not exactly run or move by themselves, but it seems that they stand less securely on the floor.


Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets: Securing the Cabinets Firmly

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets: Anchoring Them to the Floor

In order to secure the free standing kitchen units firmly on the floor, several appliances are needed to be prepared first. Tape measure, handsaw, screws, drill bits, drills, and screwdrivers and some of the things you need to prepare first before securing the cabinets. Next, you need to put the cabinets on the place where you want it to, but do not forget to put 3 feet standing place between the wall and the wall cabinets. Use pencil to mark the outline of the outside bottom edge of the kitchen cabinets you are going to anchor. Measure the dimensions, and then cut wooden blocks to fit the outline perfectly. Drill the screw holes on the board and also through the flooring. Align the holes, and then drive screws into the holes nicely. Pace the free standing cabinets on the blocks, and then secure them once more with screws through their toe kicks.

One of the free standing kitchen cabinets you can have through the market is the 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles Platinum from Sterilite. This product has 4 cabinet doors with large capacity to save some jars or appliances. The four rugged shelves are able to be adjusted to multiple heights, so the owners can line them up with their kitchen wall height. Each ship of the cabinet is unassembled as well, so you can easily assemble it based on your preferences.

Do not forget to make sure that there is enough room in your kitchen for the new cabinet. While it is true you can move the cabinet easily before securing it, but it could be a disaster if you disregard the room composition as well. Consider the kitchen layout before securing the free standing kitchen cabinets on the floor.

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