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Unique kitchen cabinets will make a different look into your kitchen so it enlightens the atmosphere and gives more spirit when you are using it. As seen from the design, unique cabinet also stands for its own character, giving a brave and self confident to the owner who tries to put different yet still stunning cabinets. Are you curious how they look like?

Unique and Eccentric Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Unique Kitchen Cabinets Attraction  

Unique Kitchen Cabinets Design

Similar to their name, unique kitchen cabinets appear slightly different from the common cabinets. There are several designs to create them more stunning, without even losing their function. First design of unique cabinet is a floating kitchen cabinet. Float, how could it be? A designer from Italy, Daniele Lago, has created this unique floating design to the kitchen. By making it float, it means it needs to stand several inches from the floor. This part is just for the base, while the rest of the area; to the middle up to the entire cabinet is floating. Other ways can also without having to touch the floor not even a little part of base itself. It is bound with the wall. You can make it some space storage from the bottom to the upper, in which the bottom almost touch or close to the floor. That is very unique to create a certain illusion.

 White Floating Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Unique Kitchen Cabinets Attraction

Unique Floating Kitchen Cabinets In High Gloss Shine Unique Kitchen Cabinets Attraction

This floating design can also make certain pattern, like u shaped kitchen cabinets. Combining the cabinet bound to the wall, then in the middle is floating until the end part of the cabinet is touching the floor. If you can imagine that, you will see like a “U” alphabet. To make the cabinet more attractive, try to finish it with a high glossy finishing. The bright colorful combining with a soft one, for example yellow and white will become a nice spot to see with its glossy finishing. Here you go; you now know what to do for creating unique kitchen cabinets.

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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