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Sometimes, re-installation of kitchen base cabinets means the need of remodeling the whole kitchen. As one of the main rooms in our house, the kitchen needs to get more attention. If we just move to a new home, one of the things that have to think is the re-installation of the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets themselves are one of the most used spaces in the whole house, perhaps, as they do not only provide storage but also define spatial organization, and as a focal point of a kitchen, cabinets need a proper installation. However, not all of us know how to install or reinstall kitchen cabinets, especially the base one.


Kitchen Base Cabinets Kitchen Base Cabinets and Reinstallation

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Kitchen Base Cabinets Review

There are tips to install kitchen base cabinets. Before installing or reinstalling the base cabinets, the first thing to do is measuring the height of the base cabinets. It is better to add around 1,5 inches for standard countertop and 18 inches for standard backsplash. Note that you need to pay attention to the position of electrical plumbing and wiring.

However, whether you are reinstalling or remodeling your base cabinets, the measurement is depending on your kitchen base cabinets. If your base cabinet is Harlig white Akurum base cabinet with two door shelf, for example, which height is 30,4 inches, it means your measurement should be around 50 inches. If your base cabinet is Denver Hickory Sink Base Cabinet classic which height is 36 inches, then your measurement should be around 55.5 inches.

The next step is securing the support board to the wall. Screw it into the marked stakes to support the weight of the cabinets during re-installation. The final step is to install the base cabinet on the wall. Make sure that the floor is level. In case the floor is not level, you might find the highest point on the floor along the wall where you are going to install your base cabinets. Use a pencil to mark a level line on the wall and make sure the line is exactly horizontal. After securing the cabinet and before reinstalling your kitchen base cabinets onto the wall, re-check the level.

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