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When we are planning to renew or remodel our kitchens, one of the most important things is to consider the kitchen cabinets estimated cost. Doing a remodel itself should not spend too much money. It is enough to look for inexpensive yet has a certain quality cabinets. Some stores are often offering varied discounted kitchen cabinets, and you can still choose which model of cabinetry that you are going to install in your kitchen. We should also consider the measurement, as well as the dimension of our kitchen, in order to estimate the cost of kitchen remodeling. Therefore, budget planning is indeed crucial. By planning the budget that we are going to spend on cabinetry, we are one step ahead to save some money to fulfil other necessity. Now, let us learn about budget planning for kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Estimated Cost Kitchen Cabinets Estimated Cost and Budget Planning

Today’s trend of cabinet for kitchens are Brazilian granite and Chinese granite. For your information, Brazilian granite is more expensive than the Chinese one. It can cost $69.00 to $125.00 per square feet. Meanwhile, other materials for cabinetry this year like silastone and laminate are also becoming the center of attention of interior designers. Silastone costs more than $35.00 per square feet, while laminate is higher than $16.00 per square feet.


Not only that, think also about the cost for installation and taxes, if you are going to hire kitchen service. For instance, you might be charged more than $15.000.00 as the estimated cost for kitchen cabinets if you are hiring the pre-constructed service. However, if you are able to handle the installation yourself, you can save money as that much. Or you can trust some other services such as Lowes Home Depot, because aside from giving the greatest look to your kitchen, Lowes Home Depot will also give you the best of kitchen cabinets estimated cost.

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