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The kitchen cabinet drawers usually have some minor malfunctions after a few months or a year of use. The common problem is the drawer becomes hard to pull or there will be some jamming before you can pull out the drawer and get what you want from inside the slide box. This is a problem of duration and caused by some kinds of restriction at the base of the drawer. Actually, a simple cleaning and lubrication will give the drawer a good fixation.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers Kitchen Cabinet Drawers: Take Care of It or Replace?

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers Maintenance

Other than doing the cleaning, you have to do the routine maintenance for your kitchen cabinet drawers. Cleaning up the inside every once in a while is a must. You also have to take this time as a chance to re-arrange the things you put inside the drawer. Because over time, usually the content of the drawer, any drawer at all, will become a mess. People just open the drawer put what they want and sometimes put it back in another drawer. Or, they might put it back carelessly instead of putting it back in order. This will eventually make the inside of the drawer in a mess. The jamming when you are having a hard time opening the drawer might also be caused by this mess. So re-arranging the contents or the drawers is important. You can group it by cutlery, household ware or hardware so you can find what you want easier.

The maintenance also has to be done for the kitchen cabinet drawer. You can glaze the surface so you get the shiny brand new look of it. The way you do it is just the same as you finish unfinished kitchen cabinet doors. Use a glaze and apply it in circular or vertical motion among the surface of the drawers. Do this and your kitchen cabinet drawers will look like brand new.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers Design Ideas

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