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There are so many ways in making your old cabinet look new without having to replace it with the actual new one, and one of them is by glazing kitchen cabinets. This is a very effective maintenance technique for wooden furniture. We all know that woods are greatly affected by temperature, humidity and the acidity of the air around them. Wood needs protection from the air that might damage the structure of the wood and make it rather vulnerable. Glazing here can be treated as one of the ways of covering up the wooden furniture, protecting it from weather effect.

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets Glazing Kitchen Cabinets Making Cabinet Look Like Brand New

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets are Easy to Make

You first have to know that there are two types of glaze. They are the oil based glaze and water based glaze. You can use both of them but for kitchen cabinet, the oil-based one will do best. Just put a note that the oil-based will take longer to dry. However, since you are working on the kitchen cabinet, you will have enough time to work on it and get the glaze to dry completely.

When you are glazing kitchen cabinets, first you have to clean the surface of the furniture that you are going to glaze over. Then prepare the glazing solution. You can make your own glazing solution but it is too much of a problem. There are the pre-mixed one at a nearby paint supplier or a hardware store so you can just get one for the glazing progress. During the appliance, use circular motion or up-down motion to get the best sense of glazing on the cabinet’s surface. And do not apply too much because too thick of a glazing will not be good for the wood.

Another tip during the appliance is, when you are going to start glazing the cabinet, you can start from the part of the back of the inner cabinet. This way, you won’t ruin the glazed part when you are working on the other part of the cabinet. Don’t forget to glaze the kitchen cabinet drawers also. Make sure you are glazing kitchen cabinets all around without any space left out.

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