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Prefab kitchen cabinets stand for prefabricated kitchen cabinets. Prefabricated kitchen cabinets are usually being compared to custom kitchen cabinets. Which cabinets are better than the others? Which one gives more supremacy than the others? Not just that, we often wonder the compatibility of prefabricted kitchen cabinets with the style of our kitchen, do we not? Those are the general matters that will appear before we decide to remodel our kitchen. But, why do we have to query prefabrication furniture especially prefabricated kitchen cabinets if there are many advantages if we install them rather than if we install the custom kitchen cabinets?

 Prefabricated Kitchen Cabinets Prefab Kitchen Cabinets for Easy Remodeling in Kitchens

Prefab Kitchen Cabinets’ Supremacy

In this case, let us just talk about the eminence of prefabricated cabinets, a kind of cabinet which many kitchen fans are struggling in deciding. Rather than custom kitchen cabinets, prefab cabinets are cheaper in price. But still, offering you cheaper price does not mean that prefab cabinets offer you worse of quality. When you are ordering prefab cabinets, your order will take faster time to get to your house—even better, you only wait for a few days. Then, though prefab kitchen cabinets have almost the same finish as custom kitchen cabinets, high quality prefabricated kitchen cabinets have more finishing, such as glossy brown, clean white, natural wood, and homey burgundy.

Prefab Kitchen Cabinets Prefab Kitchen Cabinets for Easy Remodeling in Kitchens

There is a pretty one set of solid wood cabinetry from Bathroom Vanities Showroom Store Las Vegas, one of the prefab kitchen cabinets home depot. It is Honey Maple Solid Wood Prefab Kitchen Cabinets. For the specification: the door is a full overlay with raised door panel. It has under mount glide system which supports upgradeable for soft-closing. The construction box is from plywood. The adjustable shelves is 5/8 inches while the dovetail drawer’s extension is 3/4. With concealed Euro hinges and 19 models and colors to choose, you can get this Honey Maple Solid Wood prefab cabinetry for $100.00 per linear foot for upper wall cabinets, $139.00 for base lower cabinets.


Of course prefabricated kitchen cabinets fit for any style of kitchen, whether your kitchens are unique in size and common angles. With prefab kitchen cabinets, any remodeling you are going to do will be easier.

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