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When old look becomes the new “in” look, finding out how to antique kitchen cabinets is important. It is fairly easy to turn your cabinets to look older than they with a little faux finishing technique. To do this, you need to prepare screwdriver, cotton cloth, sandpaper, paint roller, primer, wood stain, clear glaze, 2 colors of paint, paint roller, paint brushes, and your old cloth shirt. After you prepare all the tools you need, follow the magic steps below to get the antique feel on your kitchen cabinets.

How To Antique Kitchen Cabinets How to Antique Kitchen Cabinets with Faux Finishing

First of all, use the screwdriver to remove the hardware from the cupboards, the hinges included. With the sandpaper, sand the front side of the cabinets, especially at the place that you want to paint later on. After you clean all the sand off with clean cloth, you can start applying the primer. Use your paint roller so the primer can be applied evenly. Next, you can start applying the first layer of your paint. The choice of the color is important, since it determines how antique the outcome will be. If you try to find out how to antique white kitchen cabinets, then it is suggested to choose dark umber, black craft, or burnt sienna paint. Mix the glaze into the paint and start painting the cabinets. After the first layer is dried completely, paint the second layer with the color of your choice, which will become the paint color mainly showed in the room. Let it dry completely before you start the how to antique kitchen cabinets steps.

To make the cabinets look more antique and weathered, you can simply sand some random areas and the edges of the cabinets. With the clean cloth, try to remove the dust you make off the cabinets. As a finishing touch, mix  clear sealer and wood stain together, and then apply the mixture using old cloth. Once you are sure it has dried completely, re-attach the cabinets into the cupboards. The how to antique kitchen cabinets steps you have done are paid with the stunning new look that your kitchen has now.

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