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Antique white kitchen cabinets

How to Antique Kitchen Cabinets with Faux Finishing
Sunday, March 17th 2013 | How To
When old look becomes the new “in” look, finding out how to antique kitchen cabinets is important. It is fairly easy to turn your cabinets to look older than they with a little faux finishing technique. To do this, you need to prepare screwdriver, cotton cloth, sandpaper, paint roller, primer, wood stain, clear glaze, 2 ...
Antique White Kitchen Cabinets for Fresher Kitchen
Friday, November 16th 2012 | Kitchen Cabinets Designs
Lately, the antique white kitchen cabinets become a big trend. It can make your kitchen look fresher and have more elegant look. White color can also give more open and brighter atmosphere in your kitchen. You will be more comfortable working in your kitchen. White also gives more feeling of spaciousness because of it also ...


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