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Installing mission style kitchen cabinets in our houses might be one good idea, especially for us who would like to style our kitchens to look classic and so “the old days of America”. Mission style, though known as some different historic style, is also known as the Craftsman style, or sometimes, it is also called Stickley furniture. It has been known as one of the American’s art style and design since the 19th century, and the term “Mission style” is still commonly used even until today. But hasn’t mission style been lessened by the restoration and revival project these days?

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets to Draw Back to The Old Days

Well, it has. But still, mission style cabinets, or Craftsman cabinets, this style of cabinet especially will be very match with our bungalow-like houses. Not just that, kitchen cabinets with mission style as its base designs are usually strong, because mission style cabinets for the kitchen are commonly made by skilled carpenters. The most common material used to build a mission style cabinet is solid oak. Therefore, you may not be worried about the quality of your mission style cabinet for kitchen; especially if you are customizing your own one.


 Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets with Mahogany Door

Still, somehow, it is difficult to decide the door for your custom cabinets with mission style or craftsman style. But, you may consider this mission style kitchen cabinet doors:  The Cross Plains Signature Series Design utilizes WalzCraft’s SR136 Traditional Stile & Rail, or in short, The S647 Cross Plains. It is a molding cabinet door with dim-witted style of consecutive line edges on a basic square shaped frame. You can apply this mission style cabinet door for any of your kitchen cabinets with solid wood center panel and elementary outside edge shaping. If you are more comfortable with a door with prefinish, than WalzCraft—the store in where The S647 Cross Plains is available—also provides one.

It is not so Herculean to have kitchens like back in the old days. With mission style kitchen cabinets, we will definitely feel like we are living in an old neighborhood, and so American-in-the-old-days.


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