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Many of us are still wondering about what is so good about two tone kitchen cabinets. Won’t it be a problem to have cabinets which have two colors? Aren’t two toned cabinets too much for our kitchen? Some people consider kitchen cabinets which have two colors will make the kitchen look smaller than it is supposed to be. Some also think that two tone cabinets will make the kitchen look so old fashioned. Well, they who think that way should consider the ideas about a two tone cabinet for kitchen in this 21st century.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets For A Fresh Looking Kitchen

Two tone kitchens, or sometimes also called multi colored kitchens, contain two or more colors that are paired on the cabinetry. The first development of two toned cabinets is estimatedly happening in the late 20th century, or around 1980’s to 1900’s. However, even until today, two toned cabinets are still highly used because of their essence. This makes this kind of cabinet timeless. Of course it won’t be too much for your kitchen. Instead, the two colors of the cabinets will give your kitchen a fresh new look.


Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Making A Kitchen More Fresh by Combining Cabinets

There are many ways to make a two tone cabinet, such as repainting our old cabinet (for they who are in the middle of remodeling) and combining two different cabinets with different colors. To make a multi colored kitchen cabinet that will make the image of elegance, luxury, and calm for our kitchens, we can combine wall cabinets with dark brown finishes and base cabinets with light brown or wood finishes. For example, you can combine a $179.00 Ballantyne 29″H x 25″W x 7-1/2″D Mocha Wall Cabinet with a $218.00 Kitchen Classics 36-in Portland Door and Drawer Base Cabinet. Both of the cabinets are available in Lowe’s online store (http://lowes.com).


Despite looking old fashioned, the two tone of the cabinets will set the kitchen more modern. As the two tone kitchen design keeps developing, today there are so many designs of two tone kitchen cabinets that we can pick.

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