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For your project of kitchen remodeling, to installing kitchen cabinets by yourself is possible to do. If you do, it will be a surprise when you find that the money you need to spend is not that much. By doing the DIY installment, thousands can be saved and they can be used for more kitchen upgrade, including the counter tops’ top line, new floor, or high appliances. Some people may also choose to have the DIY kitchen cabinets for more money to save.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets Installing Kitchen Cabinets; Installing and Saving is Possible

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For kitchen cabinets installment, there are some aspects, which are important to be aware of. For the complete project, the hand tools and basic power are needed, and they are such as cordless drill and a corded, a belt sander, jig saw, hammer, clamps, drill bits of various sizes, and a countersink bit. When the layout of the kitchen has been determined, as well as the floor’s high point has been found, the installing kitchen cabinets are ready to start. To get started, come from the cabinet’s corner wall, and you need to put the framing location in behind the location of the cabinet by the use of a stud finder. You should also mark on the wall, the locations of the stud. For the next move, transfer the measurement you have done to the cabinet on the backside. For the best, make it to the inside of the cabinet and through the corner wall’s back, drill the location, each of them, by using 11/64” bit of drill size. You will want to be sure that the holes have been drilled into the strip hanged at the cabinet’s bottom and the top.

The next important point is to be sure that the interior shelves and doors are removed before the cabinets are hanged. This will make it easier to handle them, as well as keeping the door from big damage possibilities, as they are the most component with expensive price of a cabinet. After all, by paying attention to some things delivered above, you will have safe and successful installing kitchen cabinets.

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