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Dusty Kitchen Cabinet – How to banish? – The closed kitchen cabinet remained prone to dirty. The cause is dust. Dust can enter through a small gap between the door and the cabinet, as the size of the particle.

At first, dust is not visible. However, gradually the dust will accumulate. As a result, dust contaminates food. In addition, if inhaled, dust will interfere with the respiratory system.

The kitchen cabinets are made in factories usually snaps the dust seal. Dust seal retaining is dust. Usually placed at the front edge of the cabinet openings intersect with the door.

dusty kitchen cabinets Dusty Kitchen Cabinet   How to banish?

However, if the kitchen cabinet does not include dust seal, you could be looking for another solution. Use the weather strip (anchoring dust for windows and doors) as his successor. Here is how to banish :


Tools and materials :

-Weather strip width 9 mm, thickness 4 mm (make sure come the adhesive on one side)



Machining step :

-Measure the length of the sides of the cabinet.

-Cut the weather strip according to the size of length.

-Clean the Cabinet with a dry cloth.

-Open a layer of adhesive weather strip.

-Then, paste it into the side of the edge strip weather Cabinet. Now your kitchen cabinet safe from dust. Just that the  practical way and fast to banish dusty kitchen cabinet.

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