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If you heard the word Veneer and what come to your head is only thin layer of wood, identical to fragile and easily-broken furniture, then you have not seen much in various wonderful furniture made of veneer kitchen cabinets. So many furniture designs that can be made with veneer yet they will still have high durability. Kitchen cabinets from veneer still have strength for support with a good combination in the design. You can also use the veneer for refinishing your kitchen with various techniques and tricks.

Veneer Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Your Kitchen with Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

How to Refinish with Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

First thing to do is doing the preparation. This is where you take off the door and hinges from the drawer. It is so that the process is easier and more thorough. Make sure you store all the screws and hinges in a separated place so you will not lose any of them. Be careful not to crack the veneer. After that, if it is an old cabinet, replace any damaged part with another veneer. Peel off the old finishing using semi-paste or paste stripper to do this because sand paper will damage the veneer instead. After that, you can do the finishing on veneer kitchen cabinets. All that is left to do after is the reassembling part. It is done finally.

With good finishing, veneer cabinet will look as great as Martha Stewart kitchen cabinets. This is a good option for those with a small budget or those who do not like to store too much stuff in the kitchen cabinet. Though it seems like a lot of works, the finishing process on veneer is actually very easy. If you do not have the time to do it by yourself, you can ask professionals to do it for you. It will be done in no time. You will have a brand new kitchen with your veneer kitchen cabinets being refinished.

Painting Veneer Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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