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If we are planning to make a custom made kitchen cabinets for our house, we should firstly consider the kitchen cabinet dimensions, in order to design or remodel our kitchen. However, it is kind of difficult to consider the right dimension for our custom made kitchen cabinets which meet the standard of the cabinet dimensions. Whereas, knowing the standard dimension for cabinets will make designing or remodeling the cabinets much easier for us. Not only the designing or remodeling, if someday we get to repair our cabinets, making them in standard size will also be a peace of cake. Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions, Standard Cabinet Dimensions


Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Measurement

Here are the best kitchen cabinet dimensions divided into the types: base cabinets and wall cabinets. Base cabinets are the drafter of the kitchen. It is directly installed on the floor. On the top of the base cabinets, we can install sinks, dishwashers, and rages. For standard base kitchen cabinet dimensions, the height is 34.5 inches and the depth is 24 inches. The standard width is 36”, 33”, 30”, 18”, and 48”. The depth of standard base cabinets makes it easier for us to reach the back of the counter to plug in appliances. Meanwhile, wall cabinets’ standard dimensions are 12”, 36”, or 48” in height, and 12” to 24” in depth, with 12” or 15” in width.

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Dimensions Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions, Standard Cabinet Dimensions

If you are not planning to make a custom kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, but to choose to buy them instead, there are also many available cabinets with standard dimensions as well. You can go to overstock.com to find the cabinets with standard dimensions you want. For example is Bland Base Cabinet. It is a modern base cabinet which has a shaker style door and constructed of solid American maple and premium plywood. Other plywood based base cabinet you can find in this online shop is Honey Base Cabinet.


In short, whether you might want to make a costume of kitchen cabinets with our own designs, or you prefer to buy the cabinets online, it is better to choose cabinets which kitchen cabinet dimensions and size fulfil the standard number.


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