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The open kitchen always found in restaurants or cafes. Why not try to apply this idea at home? Later many restaurants and cafes in many countries use the concept of the kitchen. The concept was apparently deemed able to attract more consumers. With an open concept such as this, any activity in it can be seen by the customer. Start of the activities prepared the materials, to offer him food.

 open kitchen cabinets ideas Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?

The concept thus also aimed to demonstrate the quality of materials and food processing facilities, from the restaurant or cafe. The open kitchen concept is unique, considering in many countries, many people assumed that the kitchen taboo is seen by guests. Along with the development of the times, in modern life mainly in urban areas, such assumptions are no longer valid. Entertain guests in the kitchen; it is no longer strange things. Though still a minority of people who dare to apply this concept kitchen, at home.


Open concept does have some challenges. One of them is the owner of the kitchen, gotta keep it clean and tidy. The reason, every corner of the kitchen will be clearly visible by anyone through it. The shame and discomfort will certainly arise, if the kitchen looks dirty and messy.


open kitchen and living room ideas Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?


Usually such concept kitchens are placed adjacent or adjacent to public spaces, such as the family room. As delimiters, used glass walls. It could also make the concept of the bar, which is identified with the concept of an open kitchen; any activity in the kitchen can be seen clearly.

One of the open kitchen making tips that are “safe”, especially for those who are not confident applying it, is to divide the area into two kitchens, clean and dirty. Clean kitchen tend to be messy, since it rarely activities that take place here, usually just about serving food.

Therefore, clean kitchen could be “exhibited” with an open concept. While the dirty kitchen, where many activities that leave droppings, can remain “hidden.”

Open kitchen designs, in addition to unique, also became one of the solutions to make the room feel more spacious. The rooms are created to delimiter, or using transparent, will seem more spacious. For those who live in an apartment, this concept could be the choice. JW8PG6YFZJDV


open kitchen and family room ideas Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?



brown wood open kitchen pictures Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?



modern open kitchen ideas Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?



modern open kitchen designs Open Kitchen Ideas   Whos Afraid?

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