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The decision to re-paint the old kitchen cabinet that you have for years is highly preferred by those who cannot afford purchasing the new set of cabinetry for their kitchen. One of the most important aspects in planning a kitchen cabinets painting project is to calculate the estimate cost. As a matter of fact, the feasibility of the project depends a lot on the availability and the sustainability of the budget. People who cannot spare limitless amount of budget should meticulously calculate the entire expected details’ cost. Most cases of kitchen cabinets painting project have to stop before the finishing because there is no money left. Therefore, kitchen cabinets painting estimate cost should be prepared beforehand to maintain the project to run and finish well.

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 In the previous 2013, professional painting contractors can be hired by sparing about $555 to make a preparation and paint 150-square-feet sized base and also the wall-hung wood cabinets. The kitchen cabinet’s project features one coat of alkyd paint. The amount has already included the cost for the labor and also the needed materials. However, you can do the kitchen cabinet’s painting project yourself only with $60 which means that you save up to 80 percent compared to handling the project to professional painting contractors. The amount of budget covers the materials needed including sandpaper, primer, de-glosser, paint, and the brush. Consider to spend more time and cash if you intend to including painting project of the cabinet’s interior.

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In 2014, the kitchen cabinets painting estimate cost experiences an escalation. For 100 square feet-sized kitchen cabinet painting project will require about $403.88 for the high quality cabinetry labor. The amount covers the direct expense of the labor for painting the kitchen cabinets. You will need to spare additional $40 for the cost of cabinetry materials and supplies. It includes masking tapes and paper, surface repair material, solvents, and cleanup supplies. Another $55.50 will be needed to spend if you intend to pay for the cabinetry equipment allowance as well. The extra budget will cover specialty equipment such as 115 volt-high velocity, low pressure paint sprayer.

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