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Would it not be beautiful to have red kitchen cabinets? Well, it would, of course. For home interior design, red is already famous and identical with Asian style—especially Chinese, as it runs in line with Feng Shui, an ancient art that has developed since 3000 years ago, which is currently known as the art of home design coming from China. Red itself is a beautiful and amazing color which has many meanings resembled in it. For instance, this color represents energy, desire, action, and passion. It is believed that red able to run up the levels of our physical energy, as well as a prompt to release the adrenaline and blood pressure—both in a positive and negative way.

 Red Kitchen Cabinets: Essence Behind the Color Red


In Feng Shui, this color is conceived as the color of richness and luxury. Therefore, of course we can improve our rooms, including the kitchens. However—out of the believe of Feng Shui and go back to modern style interior design for kitchen—we need to contrast this color red with other colors, such as white. The intense color of white will create a dramatic backdrop to the red cabinets. We can also give other details different color; like black hardware, black granite countertops, and others.

 Red Kitchen Cabinets: Essence Behind the Color Red


 Red Kitchen Cabinets: Essence Behind the Color Red


Indeed, the color red is usually identical with some details and accessories rather than the walls’ color. For some tips, do not use too much red. Red kitchen walls, for example, are not appropriate to be paired with red cabinets at the same time, for it can stimulate the our ruthlessness side. Not only that, too much red in the kitchen will also bring up the home owners’ aggressiveness, domineer, anger, quick-temper, intolerantness, rebel and many negative effects and over stimulation. Use the color red as simple as possible, like painting red kitchen cabinets, and you will still get the beauty of this passionate color.

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