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Some of us might be confused whether we should store our kitchen implements in hanging cabinets, just like any modern kitchen would do, or should we go with kitchen pantry cabinets instead. Deciding this kind of thing might be very difficult, considering pantry cabinets, or also known as jelly cupboards or larders, for the kitchen are not that “modern”. Whereas, despite the “more modern” look of pantry cabinets, we cannot assert our need to have additional hanging cabinets in our kitchen if the space is not enough.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinets Kitchen Pantry Cabinets Make it Easy to Store

Actually, pantry cabinets are one of the solutions for storage in the kitchen, especially if you have a very limited kitchen space. Pantry cabinets give you more capacity as a storage more than hanging cabinets if your kitchen space is very circumscribed. Pantry cabinets can help you to store more of your kitchen implements, such as  tall cereal boxes, cups, jars, plates, other supplies, and other supplies. Considering tall kitchen pantry cabinets in our circumscribed kitchens will help the room to look wider rather than if we set some hanging cabinets.


Kitchen Pantry Cabinets from Online Store

Usually, the standard of height of tall pantry cabinets is 16 inches. There are lots of 16 inches pantry cabinets you can browse online stores, such as One Way Furniture (http://www.onewayfurniture.com), and Sears (http://www.sears.com). In one way furniture, you can find five shelf storage cabinet from Nexera. Nexera Storage Cabinet is a multi purpose cabinet. Three of the five shelves are adjustable, and it is easy to assemble. This Nexera Storage Cabinet’s finish is mahogany, cappuccino, truffle, and natural maple. Meanwhile in Sears, there is a 16 inches two-door cabinet which looks more “modern”. This pantry cabinet’s construction is heavy duty steel, and it is finished with baked enamel. Two of the shelves are adjustable, and it is also easy to assemble. To secure the contents stored inside, this pantry cabinet is completed with tubular lock.

In the end, we are not supposed to be so worried about having kitchen pantry cabinets, especially if we have a very limited kitchen space, because there are plenty style of pantry cabinets that also add more “modern” image of your kitchen, such as two-door cabinet sold in Sears.

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