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Once you find your cabinet door looks off, it is better to consider finding a kitchen cabinet door replacement. Cabinet is basically the focal point of the whole kitchen. It becomes the center of the design and also the base of all the functions happening in the room. Even though it is only one of the doors, it can affect the whole appearances of the cabinet. Besides, if you ignore the worn or broken point, it might eventually affect the other part of the cabinets. This will probably lead you to change the whole cabinets, which is outrageously expensive. It is far more affordable to change one door instead of replacing the whole cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement: Simple Guide to Replace It

kitchen cabinet doors replacement Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement: Replacing the Old One with Newer OneThe steps for replacing kitchen cupboard doors are really easy. First of all, you surely have to remove the old broken door from the hinges. Unscrew the door, but leave the hinges hanging firmly on the cabinet. Next, attach the new door to the hinges on the cabinet box and mark where you should put the screws. Do not forget to pre-drill the cabinet door before you attach it firmly. Try to adjust the level of the door with the cabinet box before you tighten the screws all the way in. For the handles or knobs, mark as well where you will put the screws before you pre-drill the new door. Try to measure as well the location by adjusting with the other door handles or knobs.

The door replacements from Abstrakt, for example, are in various design and color for you to choose. They also have different dimension from one to another with extra easiness in the cleaning department. Rubrik usually also provides new cabinet door in different colorful colors.

You could find the replacement for your kitchen cabinet door from Ikea or the place where you purchased the cabinets. If you cannot find the right one, at least you should try to get the closest one in design and details. Try to pay attention on the height, weight, and thickness of the new door as well. Make sure that the kitchen cabinet door replacement is not that different from the old one.

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