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If we are talking about what colored cabinets are great for our modern styled kitchens, then green kitchen cabinets might be one of the best answers. The green color, especially the bright one, such green tea kitchen cabinets, gives our kitchen the luxurious more refreshing touch. Not only that, if we arrange our kitchens pretty well, we can enjoy another advantage of coloring our cabinets green; it is that our kitchens will look roomier. However, doing a total makeover by changing all the cabinets into the new ones to our kitchens will be a waste of money, considering we only want to change the color into green. What should we do then? Well, we can always repaint our kitchen cabinets and do a great makeover to our kitchens.

Antique Green Kitchen Cabinets Design Green Kitchen Cabinets: Painting Your Own Cabinets

As part of our kitchen makeover, what we need first is to prepare the materials. First of all, prepare the green colored paint. Make sure you love the color, and it is 100% acrylic latex or oil based paint, can be either gloss or semi-gloss. Other materials are primer, degreaser, brush (can be angled brush or a paint sprayer), sandpaper, gloves, sponge, and also tack cloth.


Unique Green Kitchen Cabinets Green Kitchen Cabinets: Painting Your Own Cabinets

We can start by removing the cabinets from the wall. Do not forget to cover the countertops with plastic sheeting to protect it. Then, clean all the areas of the cabinets surface with degreaser or TSP. Smoothen the cabinets with sandpaper, but before that, make sure that the dings leaving holes or divots are covered with wood putty. Next on, clean the cabinet from sawdust as much as you can with tack cloth. After that, you can apply the primer, and start this step from the inner panel. Make sure the primer is as smooth as possible, and it is okay sanding the surface twice. You might repeat the action before finally painting your cabinets green, using angled brush. Once the green kitchen cabinets are done, you can install them back on the wall and feel your kitchen all new.

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