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Dark kitchen cabinets are good choices in your modern life, to keep strengthen the cabinet and its elegant side. Besides, as being seen from the appearance, the dark color makes the kitchen look clean and avoid the dirt. To create your dark kitchen cabinet with yourself is not only your day dreaming. You can make it happen for it is easy enough to do. You even enable to put your passion and style as you expect it to be to make it popular kitchen cabinet styles.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Design Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Some Customization

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Do It Yourselves

Prepare yourselves to make your own dark kitchen cabinets with this several steps. There are several things you need such as poly topcoat, 6 pairs of latex gloves, men’s socks, tape, goof off wipes, marker, floor protections (newspaper, plastics), power drill and foam brushes. There are five steps to do. First is you need to remove each handles and knobs, also everything from the counter tops. Then cover the floors under the cabinet with newspaper or plastic. Take any dirt off using either clothes, or goof off wipes. Second, get your sanding block and begin to sand every door and the entire cabinet surfaces. Make sure every thickness is in the same quantity and in a well ordered texture. When it has been finished, clean the sands with water.

Contemporary Dark Kitchen Cabinets Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Some Customization

The third step is labeling your cabinets’ door and drawers using a tape. This is done for hanging them in the end. After that you move the staining session. Stain the entire framework of your cabinet. Firstly, wear your latex gloves and begin to stain. If there are any small crevices to stain, use pointer finger or small sponge to apply. It will take three coats, which is why you firstly make it thin until the next step is thicker. The last step to do is to clear the coat stain and to hang the doors. Make sure you hang it in the right position. There you go: your dark kitchen cabinets must amaze you.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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