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There are so many ideas that you can take to make your new kitchen cabinet layout. This is another thing you should think about when you are doing a renovation of your house. The kitchen is the most thing that will need renovation because the kitchen is the place where you play with fire, water, and many other elements. The most damaged parts are usually the cabinet and the kitchen counter. You can do a lot of things too with the arrangement of all the furnitures in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Kitchen Cabinet Layout: How You Make Your New Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Layout by Placing the ‘Storage’ of Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet is like the storage where you put any kinds of things for your cooking needs. Whether it is cooking utensils or some spices, usually you will put them in the kitchen cabinet. For the sake of making a new arrangement and a new atmosphere, you can change your kitchen cabinet layout during the kitchen renovation. There are already several layouts that are typical and commonly used in kitchens: L-shaped layout, U-shaped layout and Galley Style layout.

The L-shaped layout is when you arrange the countertop of the kitchen, along with the refrigerator, sink, and the stove in an L-shaped line. When you do this, make sure that the refrigerator is placed at the place where you can access it easily and not being restricted by any other object. You can put the refrigerator at the end of the counter line. Make sure that you put it in enough distance with the stove. Put the stove on the other side of the line if you want. The U-shaped layout is where the isle where you can move around freely is surrounded by countertops and kitchen cabinet. This arrangement allows you to access the fridge, the stove, and the sink in one stride. This is suitable for those who like to cook alone.

There are still thousands of kitchen cabinet layout ideas you can try out. Make sure that you put your liking into a consideration since you are the one who will use the kitchen. Your kitchen has to be comfortable for your liking with the new kitchen cabinet layout.

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